Supporting The Nest

You can make a difference in the life of canaries! Our goal at Habitat For Canaries is to provide for the needs of all canaries. We rely upon your generous donations to build and operate our nests. Additionally, we hope to provide financial assistance to those canaries who need it. This is an important aspect as a good portion of canaries have exhausted their resources through seeking medical treatments.

Simplify the process and make your tax deductible donation now via Paypal

Not into Paypal? Please mail your check to Habitat for Canaries Inc. at Box 55 Vilas, NC 28692. Upon receipt of your donations of $10,000 or more, we will contact you for the additional perk of whom you wish to designate as your canary.

Habitat for Canaries is recognized as a 501(c)3 charitable organization. HFC will issue income tax receipts for any donations, bequests, devices, or transfer of property.

Previous Campaigns:

Thrive on the Inside T-shirt Campaign

Purchase your 100% organic cotton T-shirt to help spread the word on HFC and our goal of helping canaries to "Thrive on the Inside".

Campaign ends September 4, 2020.  T-shirts delivered approximately 2 weeks after the campaign ends.

Build a Nest 2020 Campaign

In 2020 we will begin construction of the nests for Habitat for Canaries. While awaiting the snow melt, we’ll be wrapping up the permitting aspects of our habitat. To capture 2020’s best weather, we’re kicking off our “Build a Nest 2020” campaign. Would you consider a donation? While all donations are very much appreciated, our 2020 Campaign kickoff is as follows:

Build A Nest 2020 Campaign, Donor Perks

Campaign Donations of $1,000 will reserve a nest for one night for a canary.

Donations of $10,000 will reserve 10 nights with the privilege of specifying a specific canary for the use of those nights.

Donations of $25,000 will reserve 30 days in conjunction with the privilege of specifying a specific canary for the use of those nights.

Donations of $250,000 will build an entire nest! Super donors will reserve 300 days (to be spread over several canaries) as well as have a plaque of thanks outside their nest and inside our future welcome center.

Your donations will help both build and operate the nests. A portion of the Build A Nest 2020 Campaign will be used to maintain a fund from which the daily cost of occupancy will be drawn and operate like a prepaid reservation based on the financial needs of the canary.

On behalf of our canaries, we thank you for your generous support! For more details email us at: To donate today, click the PayPal Donate button to the right.

Check out the About page for Habitat for Canaries' core values and vision, as well as a look at the people behind the scenes.