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Canary putting on gas mask in the city. Art by Brittany Edsall Barry

You may be one of the 48 million Americans suffering from acute environmental sensitivities. If so, you may appreciate advice on how to improve your home living environment to reduce the impacts of your sensitivities. Would you like to live in a cleaner environment before you commit your financial resources to improving your own? Or perhaps you need a short term reprieve from living in a toxic world. Either way Habitat for Canaries may be able to help you!

Why a Canary? Canaries are early warning beacons of unhealthy environments. Whereas much of the population can tolerate some level of toxicity in their environment, Canaries alert us to early signs of toxic levels that long term are unhealthy for our bodies.

Canary getting sick in the city. Art by Brittany Edsall BarryWhy a Habitat? Canary warning signs are as individual as you are! Retrofitting or building a home living environment designed to minimize the impacts of unhealthy building products can be expensive and unfortunately, no one solution fits all. By building a Habitat of nests (units) for short term rental, you can experience different healthy building products and construction techniques to help you determine what best suits you and your particular needs. Those needing a short term restorative refuge are also welcome to the nests.

We invite you to browse our site. Building (Building the Nest) documents the vision of building the Habitat. We’d love to read your canary story. Please share it with us in Canaries (Canaries). Of course, as a non-profit organization, we will depend much on those who Support (Supporting the Nest) this venture. Follow the Canaries Nest blog for current events at Habitat for Canaries.

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