Water Quality

Water, Water, Water Everywhere – but is it safe to drink?

due diligence look at water outdoor well pump photo

During due diligence, an investigation of the quality of the water supply should be undertaken to properly prepare what system you’ll need to include in your build or home. If the property is undeveloped, look for streams, ponds or lakes that are on or near the property. Take a water sample and have it tested at your local Health Department lab. If the property is already serviced by a well, take the sample from the well. If the property is serviced by a local governmental authority, speak to the water quality department and ask for a report on the water servicing your lot. Of course, if there is structure on the property with running water, just take the sample from the sink faucet.

In studying the water quality report, in addition to micro-organisms that may need to be removed with filtering, don’t forget to check the pH level. Water below 5 pH will corrode copper pipes over time. Water at 6 pH will also but it will take longer. To neutralize and attain a pH of 7.2, consider the installation of an acid neutralizer filter, preferable a whole house system. This tank is filled with media that naturally raises low pH to 7.2 pH.  If the water is otherwise safe, taste it. If it doesn’t taste fresh, consider adding a whole house charcoal filter tank. Depending on the actual water results, you may need additional filters. Consult your local water quality governmental office for recommendations.


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