Wow, what a twisting, turning road we have been on since last Fall’s “Thrive on the Inside” t-shirt campaign.  Thank you so much for your support of that fundraiser!  The exciting news is we are officially underway!  Site cleaning began last week and the staking out of the first nest, Patient Chickadee, will commence the last week of July.  Gordon will be onsite to oversee the construction of our first nest.

(c) Shea & Sons Excavating. Used with permission.

Initially, Patient Chickadee will serve as our caretaker unit while we oversee the development of HFC.  Since Lindsay will be dwelling there, we have decided this first build will be a microcosm of our current healthy home in North Carolina.  Patient Chickadee will be constructed with ICF block, concrete, and steel (un-slicked) with minimal solid hardwoods used in the interior. 

Stay tuned for development updates!