We have the most exciting news!  We’re under contract for a property that meets the majority of our canary goals in Maine!!!

The property meets the following goals (from our last post):
– Not under a flight path or within 5 miles of cell towers

– Land featuring mostly hardwoods

– Land with some sort of natural recreation potential… hiking trails

– Less than an hour to organic groceries and just at an hour to Wholefoods

The land doesn’t meet the goal of at least 100 acres.  However, the property is situated such that we still get the 100-acre buffer when counting the undeveloped land on the adjoining properties.  Our boots on the ground team – Gordon & Deborah (a canary herself) Lewchuk – toured the property in person to assure that the smaller size still worked for our canaries.

While on the property, no EMF registered on the gaussmeter.  There was no cell service, either, from the road up halfway to the peak. 

Due diligence is over and we’re moving towards closing!  Stay tuned for future developments.