Touring Maine

lake in MaineA lovely week was spent touring Maine from the home base of Kennebunkport for potential sites for Habitat for Canaries.  We began the week in Bangor, some 3 hours north of Kennebunkport.  Land North and Northwest of Bangor offered more suitable terrain than East of Bangor in terms of lakes, elevation, and hardwood tree growth.  Moving South we spent a day in the Belgrade lakes region.  The pristine waters were very attractive. Another day was spent in Oxford county, North of Lake Sebago.  This is a very popular recreational area of Maine.  Our fourth day was spent on the West side of Lake Sebago.  This area abounded with beautiful water features – lakes, rivers, streams – but less hardwood tree growth than North of Bangor.  The balance of the week was spent in and around Portland and Kennebunkport, familiarizing ourselves with local attractions, services, transportation networks… and eateries!  The area provides a wide diverse culinary offering with many of the restaurants willing and capable of accommodating unique food allergies.  Having the benefit of a week’s tour, our online searching will be more meaningful.  We hope to be able to select and prioritize desirable sites in the coming months.  Stay tuned for more as the Habitat For Canaries dream unfolds.


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