Tools for Discovering Your Air Quality

Those suffering from environmental impacts need further due diligence investigations to ensure the site they have selected will not negatively impact their lives due to air or EMF factors. When beginning your search, a great place to start is the EPA (environmental protection agency) and their “EnviroAtlas” page (  Select your State then set your filters, and you’ll see a birds-eye view of environmental issues of concern.  From a broad aspect, this will help you narrow potential search sites down to actual search sites.  Once you’ve honed in on an area, you can see on a micro view the

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actual potential environmental issues in that targeted area.  You can locate hazardous events that have occurred near your site.  Additionally, using the filters, you can determine the level of air quality and other factors. To determine the location of transmission towers, a good site to visit is MapUSA ( Select your region and see how close FCC cell towers are to your location. But more on EMF impacts in the next blog post.



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