The Inn at English Meadows

Inn outside
(c) Inn at English Meadows. Used with permission.

When your mom hasn’t had a vacation in over a decade and agrees to traipse all over Maine for you, there is nothing so wonderful as to hear the words, “the Inn made it feel like I was on a real vacation!”
patio dinning
(c) Inn at English Meadows. Used with permission.

If one word described life at the Inn at English Meadows it would be care.
(c) Inn at English Meadows. Used with permission.

Each morning the innkeepers, Kate & David Parisi, served a three-course gluten-free & dairy-free delectable feast for mom and conventional three-course delectable feast for dad. The 100% cotton linens were cleaned separately with unscented detergent. They even placed an ozonator in the room to rid it of any contaminants. Mom said specifically that she didn’t smell any cleaning product residue!
sunrise room
(c) Inn at English Meadows. Used with permission.

A little thing, but something that made the trip feel like a vacation were the two wing chairs in the room. From starting the morning with her Bible Study to ending it curled up and reading a book in the evenings, the comfortable room chairs were definitely an unexpected blessing!

Star Rating:
5 stars hands down! Mom can’t wait to go back!!!
The Inn is a member of the “Diamond Collection,” “Select Registry,” “Inns Along the Coast,” and “Historic Inns of Kennebuckport.”
EI patients familiar with the old MCS Safer Travel Directory’s 3 star tolerability system, mom (also an EI & EMF canary) gave it a strong 2. EI downsides: the room had an encased gas fireplace and they offer wi-fi. The innkeepers took great care though in laundering the linens and cleaning the room with unscented products when it was requested. Some of the rooms have hardwood floors with rugs, others are carpeted.

So traveling to southern Maine? Check out the Inn at English Meadows.
The Inn at English Meadows website
141 Port Road Kennebunk, Maine 04043
Phone: (207) 967-5766


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