As long as I can remember, the doctors have impressed upon me the necessity of having a clean sleeping space. Converse to modern living arrangements where you have electronics, TVs, and wardrobes all in the bedroom, it is imperative to give the canary a room where there is nothing that causes their immune system to activate. Since the body heals as you sleep, providing an area where the fight or flight response calms down allowing the body to relax fully and regular operating cell repair to get to work is sometimes the best and easiest thing that a canary can in order to handle the daily bombardment of xenobiotics (invading allergies). Make sure your mattress and pillows are non-reactive materials for you and cover them in barrier clothes to prevent issues with dust mites. Use linens of non-reactive materials. The flooring, likewise, should be of a hard surface – no carpet! – that is kept clean. Bedframes are optional, depending upon your sensitivities.

clean 8 hours photo
Sorry, Puddles. No dogs allowed!

Finally, say “sayonara” to the cell phone, furniture, reading nook / books / magazines, TV / electronic devices, wardrobe, clocks, and even those precious pets. Tuck any pets into their own sleeping quarters prior to going to bed. Petting them will release good neurotransmitters for you both, wash your hands, return to your cleaned-out bedroom, and enjoy the benefits of the clean 8 hours. Relax, Sleep, Rejuvenate!

The “clean 8 hour” philosophy impacts the overall design of the nests’ bedrooms in a few ways from space to composition. The square footage that would typically hold the reading nook, wardrobe, and devices (for the EI nests) will be distributed to other areas of the nest so those functions may still be enjoyed without interfering with the paramount “clean 8 hours.” Additionally, proper light during the day, darkness at night, and air flow will be incorporated… the clean 8 hours can’t happen in a dungeon! If there is enough ambient light to read the headline column of a newspaper, your regular melatonin function will be impaired. However, lack of light and fresh air during the day is also an invitation for mold growth. Combining all these factors together, the nest’s sleeping quarters will be light and bright during the day, but of cozy size with hard floor surfaces and the ability to black out at night.


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