Thank you!  As we hit the year’s halfway mark, we wanted to say “thank you” for your support of our Building the Nest 2020 campaign.  To date we’ve raised startup funding, which enabled the acquisition of the land and pre-development planning and layout.  Additionally, we’ve had pledges towards the building of one full nest and its corresponding utility building!

Covid-19 has interrupted our schedule, as it has so many others.  Currently there is a restriction in Maine on out of State visitors.  This restriction requires a 14-day quarantine or a negative covid-19 test within 72 hours of entering the State.  Since oversight is essential to our build, we’ve pushed the build to the Spring of 2021.  Our new goal, therefore, is to raise sufficient funds to build all four of the initially planned nests. 

The benefit of building all four at once is increased protection of our canaries!  Our building plats are situated such that once an enclave is complete, work on other enclaves should not interfere with the rest of the community.  Since we have the unexpected additional year to fundraise and in order to maintain operation rather than opening and closing, we are shooting to raise the funds to build the first enclave of four nests simultaneously.  Then when we open, this enclave of nests and our visiting canaries will be insulated from any additional construction.

Would you consider a donation to our capital needs?  Visit the website and click on the Supporting tab to make your contribution now.  Thank you.

Survey – in order to ensure we meet the needs of our future canaries, if you are a canary would you please take a moment to fill out our 2-question survey.  Medical professionals and other canary supporters, please pass this survey on to the canaries in your life.  Thank you.