Subsurface Analysis

subsurface investigation

Having investigated matters on and above the surface, it is also necessary to investigate issues that lay below the surface. One such issue is the capabilities of the soil. This is commonly known as a geotechnical report. It is designed to provide critical information to your engineering firm as to the soil conditions upon which the build area (roads, pathways and structures) will be situate. Of importance is the load bearing capabilities of the soil. Typically, residential buildings require the soil to support 1,500-2,500 psi. Besides soil bearing, the tests will show where water is encountered. If too close to the surface, special foundations may be required to reach load bearing soil and drainage to ensure the water is adequately removed from the foundation area. Finally, the report will indicate whether rock was found, either Partially Weathered Rock (PWR) or Competent Rock. PWR is strippable using normal construction equipment. Competent Rock (like Granite) requires blasting which may have an adverse impact on the total cost of development.

The other issue below the surface addresses historical artifacts which we will address in the next blog.


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