Our hunt for a new steel contractor began in earnest upon arrival in the Spring. After many “no’s” or “sure, but can’t get to your job until 6-8 months as best,” through local referrals, we found a contractor that could start at the end of June for the structural roof, and could come in May to install the ceiling/attic floor. May came and the crew arrived on a Friday. They set up their ladders and gang ways.

Then early on the following Monday, I saw the crew dismantling the ladders and gangways and reloading on the truck. Over the weekend, the lead hand of the crew injured himself with a chain saw on another job site and was now laid up for 4-6 weeks. Understandably, the contractor withdrew from the job and we resumed the search to secure a steel contractor crew.  

We were fortunate to have found a crew and they could start at the end of June. Hallelujah!