With the ceiling being completed, the interior floor is now somewhat protected from the elements. We proceeded with the installation of the moisture barrier, Nudura Radiant Floor forms, and pex piping. The concrete floor contractor will then proceed after the roof is on and we have a forecast of 4-5 days without rain so that the concrete can cure with as little ambient moisture as possible during the cure process.

During the Pex Radiant Floor pipping install, the installer had to make an on-site adjustment.  The 6” tube chase between the house and utility was not sufficient for the 10 pipe feeds.  So, the manifolds were moved inside the house (no power required).  Leaving just 4 pipe feeds through the underground chase to connect to the pump distribution panel in the utility shed.  The she itself will be headed by a radiant baseboard heater tied to one of the two zones in the house.  In hindsight and for future construction, this is an important point to note: test the chases for fitting the future use before burying them 5’ down!  Just because numerically something will fit, doesn’t mean in actuality the tubes will bend, flex, and pack together as desired.  Although we are glad to have found a solution that didn’t change the electrical levels inside the house.