To permit the installation of the residential electrical panel in the utility building, this non-canary building was dried in to facilitate the continuation of construction.  Despite the winter weather, one subcontractor was able to continue work on Patient Chickadee.  To achieve and exceed required building code exterior wall insulation value, an additional 4” of ICF block was affixed to the original 12” of ICF block. The additional material was laid in a horizontal pattern as it was embedded with 2” plastic nailing strips 15” on center. As an added benefit, with plastic strips dunning now both vertically (ICF block) and horizontally (ICF addition), there will be fastener locations for the installation of the windows and doors, solving the need to construct individual window/door bucks.  To protect the build over the winter, the window and door openings were not cut out and the floor base was overlaid with insulating blankets.

After a wonderful break to be with the family, Gordon will be headed back to Maine this weekend to continue overseeing the build in person.  New blogs will resume shortly hereafter.