screen shot cell tower near first property

The search continues for our property in Maine after our second unsuccessful bid earlier this year.  While checking out new listings, we frequently use the website linked in our “Tools for Discovering Air Quality” blog ~ ~ for an initial evaluation.  By happen chance we noticed a new cell tower listing and was overwhelmingly grateful when we realized the proximity to the first property upon which we bid and lost out.  It’s less than 1 mile away, which would have meant disaster for our EMF canaries!!  We very much see this as a protection from God for our HFC vision and are encouraged and determined to pursue this project looking for a place that will be a haven for our canaries.  We understand that protection from environmental factors on land (and air) that you don’t control is beyond our control, but are seeking the following list to ensure as much protection as possible:

  • At least 100 acres
  • Not under a flight path or within 5 miles of cell towers
  • Land featuring mostly hardwoods
  • Land with some sort of natural recreation potential… pond or non-motoring lake preferred and hiking trails
  • An hour to organic groceries/ wholefoods

If your heart is with our canaries, would you join in praying for our project and consider a donation to our build fund?  More blogs coming as we have news to share!


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