When Gordon walked our snow-kissed parcel back in March, he discovered an easier access point into our property.  Unfortunately, this access tracked through a neighboring property.  Inquiries were made and not only was the neighbor willing to sell, but also agreed to grant access rights, effective before closing.

Whereas originally, visitors would have to drive down a steep hill on the public street and then enter Habitat For Canaries by driving back up the hill on our land, with this additional parcel purchased, visitors will enter at the top of the hill.  This makes for a shorter, easier drive, as well as a safer entrance with the increased visibility of any traffic (human or animal).

Though this parcel will close early in 2021 with current access rights we can continue with planning and site placement of the individual nests.  With the Town offices now reopened, we’re just waiting on the COVID travel restrictions to lift.  Then Gordon will return to begin the permitting and construction process.