Introducing Habitat for Canaries

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Welcome to the Habitat for Canaries website! My goodness, after years of dreaming, I’m so excited to welcome you all to this tangible step of progress.

When I was diagnosed in 1998 the doctors didn’t hold a functional life as something attainable, but they failed to consider God’s grace and my stubborn determination. In those early years at the clinic in Dallas one of the patients mentioned to me that I should create a community for people “like us.” I didn’t think much of it at the time – I was still battling for bodily stability and at the same time, for the right to continue my education from home – a future business plan was the furthest thing from my mind. But God used that to plant the seed.

This seed was watered, fostered, and mulled over; analyzed, and refined for many, many years. Various business plans and models were discussed and considered. The resulting structure is now live as “Habitat for Canaries.” A model where we combine healthy experiences with education so that our visitors may be able to determine what their needs require in a safe community and at an affordable cost before branching out and building their own healthy home. Since not all will be interested or able to build their own healthy homes, we will also avail the nests those who need a short term refuge from living in a toxic world.

So as we introduce you to the website… tour, investigate, and ask! Our next step is finding and securing a property upon which to build this dream into reality.

Please stay tuned for future blogs… they will be intermittent at first as we land hunt, but will pick up as physical progress is made.


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