While the search and wait for a steel contractor crew, the insulation blankets were removed, and the sand floor cleaned and releveled. The ICF block was scored so that the floor concrete would bind to the concrete in the core of the ICF block. The pipes for transferring services (water, radiant floor pex, electrical, telecommunications and vacuum) were not correctly placed and if not adjusted, would make installing the refrigerator problematic. So, the plumber dug down a foot or so into the sand, added a flexible joint reduced from 6” to 5” and angled the new pipes towards the wall, thereby ensuring adequate space for placing the refrigerator between the window and this utility chase.

Windows and doors have arrived and are sitting in the warehouse waiting for delivery at the end of July (obviously that date has been extended). Examining how these windows will be mounted, the crew decided on scoring out a cavity to recess a furring strip. That furring strip will be affixed to the concrete core of the ICF block with long screws. On the exterior of the build, the inside of the rough opening window frame will be finished with ¾” PVC board cut to a width equal to the depth of the window well, about 15 ¼”. As we have not been able to locate a PVC board 16” in width, so we will proceed with 4×8 sheets stripped to the required width of the window well. The windows/doors will then be affixed to this customized window and door buck.