an iridescent cloud or sometimes a fire rainbow. Its when there are tiny ice crystals or water drops in the sky and the sunlight hits it just right. They say its pretty rare

Technology changes rapidly, especially in the field of communication services. One new technology on the horizon is the delivery of internet by the use of airplanes. Typically, electromagnetic waves are generated from towers that hold the communication equipment. Now that equipment may be on airplanes, flying overhead. When a site is under consideration, be sure to examine the airplane flight paths. You need to look at a flight chart of your area to see if any airways exist above your area. A website for doing this is It displays a series of circles with check marks, which are called VORs. These VORs have airplanes in them, shown as light blue lines and their names start with a “V”. Jets and airlines only fly on those designated airways. As long as none of those airways are above the location of the house, you won’t get any jets flying above.  The major exception, of course, is if your location is in the immediate vicinity of a major airport. To check actual real time flights, use OpenFlights or FlightAware. Though little can be done if this technology becomes the mainstream, at least it is better to know whether your site is in a heavily travelled flight corridor or just the occasional flight path.



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