2022 is flying by and we’re thrilled to say we’re back underway!  After a season of misadventures with the build project, we’re making progress with the steel work this week. 

Now, how did we get here?  We had a steel builder lined up to work “off-season” – Jan-March 2022.  However, the steel, at that time and with that builder’s particular building technique was cost prohibitive – 4 times the anticipated cost for the attic and structural roof materials only. This did not include the finished roof or a month’s time of labor! Lindsay tested other materials, but being severely wood reactive, none past the test.  With the weeks that rolled into months for the testing to take place, and the cost issues, at the beginning of March we parted ways and looked for another steel builder with a different framing style.  Mid-March we had engineered drawings requiring a more reasonable amount of steel quantity.  With this hopeful view in sight, “boots on the ground” Gordon headed up to Maine the second week of April and began the hunt for a new steel installer crew.  But upon his arrival nature showed us where drainage pipes will need to be installed before the access road is finished. Not too bad, a couple of new pipe crossings and extensions for the two existing crossings.