Catch and Fix Design Changes Early

The original plan for the house had provision for a 4’ covered front porch. After setting the foundation supports at 4’, it became obvious that the contemplated use of this front porch for a sitting area was much too small. So, while the heavy equipment was on site, the foundation supports were moved to the 8’ mark. This will provide a more useable front porch. But it will also require some amendments to the construction plans as the roof cover will now be 8’ and not 4’. But easier to make these changes on paper and then after initial construction.

Sometimes, fixing involves letting things continue as is.  Originally, we had designed the building with limited cutting on the ICF blocks.  However, in one of the design changes, the window bench area of the South facing bedroom was altered.  During the foundation pour this issue was not caught.  It was only when the ICF went up that we realized despite our planning, cutting was needed.  Since this fix would affect the footers and the roof with mega $ to fix, the decision was made to continue on with the plans as established even though it meant some ICF material wastage.

2 corners too close together required that stack of blocks to be cut