What you Find when you Clear the Trees

Topographic lines on a plan may say it all, but there is nothing like physically removing the trees (called clearing) and seeing what you are presented with for your build site. Once the trees were cleared, the placement of the foundation for Patient Chickadee took on new challenges. The site designated on the plans was relatively flat as indicated by the topographic lines, but it was closer to the eastern boundary than originally laid out. To move the location to the west 50’ or so, put the foundation in a slopping gully.

Patient Chickadee staked out

That in and of itself was not a serious building constraint as the dirt dug from the upper portion of the gully could be used to fill the lower portion to create a level grade. So, we proceeded placing Patient Chickadee about 250’ away from the pole that carried electricity from the provider. From the pole, all electric lines were buried to minimize electromagnetic forces that could impact future occupants. A meter tested the power lines after installation and a reading floating around zero was attained. Goal achieved.